What is Genuine Leather?

What is Genuine Leather?

Lets take a look at what genuine leather is. Many people make the mistake and assume that genuine leather is the best type of leather because the name implies it; genuine leather. Just because we use the word "genuine" doesn't actually mean that it's the best of quality or highest durability.

Genuine leather is cut from the second layer that is beneath the outermost layer or the full-grain leather. It is the third most durable type of leather and is used for making about 80% of the world’s leather products. It can be stretched and molded for just about all fabric like applications. 

Genuine leather requires greater care as it is a lot more thinner than first layer full-grain leather and is extremely susceptible to breaking down from things such as direct sunlight and substances from food. Genuine leather also does not fare well with wear and tear and usually has a life span of about two to three years.

Another issue with genuine leather is that it can be very difficult to tell the difference between genuine leather and synthetic leathers made from materials and fabrics like PU (polyurethane). So be careful when buying leather goods and luggage, you may end up with something looks and feel very much like genuine leather, but isn't.

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