3 Most Common Myths About Real Leather

3 Most Common Myths About Real Leather

When it comes to real leather, meaning full-grain and top-grain leather there have been some confusing myths that leave people somewhat misled. We would like to take this opportunity to slightly shed some light on the simple truths about it. Below we have listed all the common myths about these two types of leathers.  

Water will damage real leather!

Now if I’m not mistaken, this is the stuff that cows roll around in the mud in. And here we think that water will damage it. Where on earth did this false notion even come from? Traditionally humans used animal hides which is leather in it's most natural state for shelter from the elements, elements such as rain, wind, dirt and so on. The bottom line is that water won’t cause any real damage to real leathers. So if you’re taking a stroll outside and it starts to rain a little don’t freak out.

Real leather can’t be cleaned once dirtied!

Cleaning real leathers is very much an easy process. Keep in mind that real leather already comes with scratches, nicks and blotches of colors here and there. So when it gets dirty from exposure to foods, oils or dirt you simply need only to wipe off the solid and leave any residue as it will fade into the already vintage texture. Attempting to aggressively rub out the spot entirely will only cause there to be a larger discoloration that will remain there longer.

Real leather isn’t as durable as synthetic fabrics!

Did you know that traditionally cowhide and other animal hides were used as armors for war and battle? Due to the complexity and density of the leather fibers, real leather can withstand almost 5 times the amount of any other commonly used synthetic fabrics. Leather is by far the most durable commonly used fabric known to man, has been and will be.

And the verdict has it, there is not much to worry about when faced with these situations. It's simply a matter of understanding and knowing that you have a real leather bag made from real leather. If your not sure if your bag is made of real leather then read our blog about determining if it is real or not.


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