Proud to Buy our Leather Goods

Proud to Buy our Leather Goods

Phillip, a local customer who returned to us at one of the bazaar markets we attended recently with a leather wallet he had purchased from us 5 years ago. Now it's not very common that we receive returns from our customers, and the smile on his face beckoned that he wasn't there to return his wallet. To my surprise, he was enthusiastic to purchase the same wallet again! But this time of a different color. Now, usually when my cell phone, which by the way is a great phone, takes a turn for the worst, I go and buy the same one again. I do this because, I absolutely love this particular phone and am unwilling to part with it, and how accustomed to it I have become. This was the first time that I had met someone who had the same habit of contentment as I. Or one could say, simply liked things the way they were or unwilling to accept change even before it demanded itself.

Trying not to imply that Phillip may be a bit of a strange guy, I simply asked him why he wanted the same wallet design again, He replied with "why not, this is a really great wallet!". From there, our conversation carried on and we talked about how much we had in common about the particular relation of being content with something that we owned, and how wonderful it is to continue replacing it or buying extras for later on down the road.

But, I soon released, the same way that I feel about my particular cell phone, was the same way we have allowed a customer to feel about one of our exceptionally well handmade leather wallets. And at that moment, I felt a sense of pride come over me. Because that is a great feeling! And even more so, because I could completely understand it.

When you make contact with a customer who is truly proud to buy your products and proud to use your products over and over again, you really feel like you have done justice in the world. And that is the very feeling and motive for why we do what we do.

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