The Differences Between Messenger Bags and Satchel Bags

The Differences Between Messenger Bags and Satchel Bags

Have you ever wondered what the differences between messenger bags and a satchel bags are? It is a uniquely interesting question because it can be answered in many different ways and with many different opinions. But there are some factual points about these two terms that definitely carry some reasonable levels of merit.

As we know, a satchel bag is a kind of sack that is made from leather and has a shoulder strap allowing it to be worn across the body in a diagonal way. Unlike a briefcase the thickness of the leather is thinner and softer allowing it to be more flexible and adjust more easily to the form of the body. The term "satchel bag" derives from Latin and was traditionally referred to as a saccellus or a saccus bag meaning "sack". The earliest know use of the satchel bag dates back to the Roman Empire where they were used by Roman Legionaries and other political figures. Later on satchel bags were commonly used in France and other European areas as a way to conveniently carry things. In fact, the the origin of the satchel bag predates the discovery of the Americas.

Messenger bags are very similar to satchel bags as they both are worn across the body in a diagonal way. However, the design and material commonly used for messenger bags is now and was then canvas. It's not for certain but, we could say that the idea that gave birth to messenger bags was inspired by satchel bags in some way or another. Messenger bags made there way onto the scene in the 1950's in America, where they were known to be commonly used by messengers, couriers and postal workers who delivered mail or worked in the industry of transporting mail. It wasn't until the 1970's and later that messenger bags became a trend for fashions and clothing styles.

So, our conclusion is that satchel bags are made of leather, they were used in society for carrying things and their origin is traced back to the Roman Empire. Messenger bags are made of canvas, they were used by workers of various industries and are home to America.

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