The Patina Crazy Horse Leather Bags

The Patina Crazy Horse Leather Bags

We have all seen our fair share of leather bags. They come in all types and sorts, shapes and sizes. Some leather bags look like they are made of real leather and some look like they are made of something in between real leather and plastic. And some just outright look like they are actually made of plastic. And then there are some that are recognizably the best leather bags that money can buy. And then of course there are those true vintage leather bags that have out survived the vicissitudes of time and wear and tear.

Through the vast amounts and types of leather bags, what they look like and what they are made of, there can be found some truly prestigious ones that look nothing like they did in those first days of being used. The color or texture has changed and the leather has aged in a way that leaves them looking quite darling to anyone's eyes. There are only a handful of types of leather that just look better and better as time goes by. Crazy horse leather is one of such types of leather.

Crazy horse leather is a type of leather that does many things, and is widely loved for the many things that it does. One quality from its arsenal of amazing and unique attributes, is that it ages fabulously well. After a certain period of time, through wear and tear a patina will begin develop.

Through day to day use of unknowingly touching and rubbing the natural oils from your hands and body onto the surface of your crazy horse leather bag, the color and texture will begin to darken and develop a matte sheen or shine. Otherwise known as a laboriously aged leather patina.

The patina on a crazy horse leather bag will differ from other types of leather bags as well. Each type of leather that is capable of yielding a patina will eventually produce a unique patina with a unique patina sheen, color and texture.

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