Why do People Love Leather so much?

Why do People Love Leather so much?

Leather has been around for a very long time. Throughout history, leather has played a vital role in much of everything. It has assisted human being in building shelter for protection from the elements. It has been used for making durable quality shoes for hundreds of years. It has been used for industrial applications during the industrial revolution, and today it is used in making furniture, clothing and bags. It's no surprise that people like leather so much. People like what they are accustomed to.

Today, leather is loved much and by so many for a couple of obvious reasons, such as the statement that leather makes. Leather is regarded as the "king of fabrics", "the mark of luxury and high class" and "durable lasting quality". People know this, they know that if it's made of real leather then it's going to last. They know that in society their social status will be all but a low one. And for this they adore leather very much.

But, not only is leather liked so much for the statements that it makes, it is also liked because it is a product of nature. Like much of what surrounds us every day is made up of something from nature. Our clothes are made of cotton, books are made of paper, the walls and floors in our homes are made of wood and stone. You could say, people love wood as much as they love leather, and in a very real sense that is very much true. But why is this true?

Human beings are indeed a product of nature as well. And so because of this, these things of nature and nature it's self is but a mere reflection of who and what we are. So what better to love something that is an actual representation of us?

If you really think about it, there is a long list of reasons why people love leather so much. One particular point that I haven't yet had the intensity to touch on is that leather in many ways represents the history of man and his struggles. With that being said, you could actually create a timeline highlighting every event that leather has appeared in history and it would be fairly similar to that of a modern historical timeline. Maybe in another blog, we could explore the truths and historical elements of such a topic.

However, it really does go without saying, that people like what they are accustomed to, and people have been accustomed to leather since the very beginning.

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