Why do some Leather Bags Cost more than others?

Why do some Leather Bags Cost more than others?

When it comes to buying leather bags online, one may notice the fairly large difference in cost from one bag to another. Why do some leather bags cost more than others? This is one of the common questions that we have received from a good handful of our customers. And to be honest, it's quite a lengthy answer, as there are many variables involved in the making of leather bags.

The production of leather bags and all of the different types of processes combined is just one phase of what affects the final sale price of a leather bag. Take for instance, the age of the bull or animal the hide was cut from, the cost of tanning the hide, the length of time it takes to produce the finished tanned leather, the type of finished tanned leather, the leather worker's bag making skill level and the quality of finished leather bags. This list goes on, however these are just some of the basic fundamentals that are considered and estimated into the sale price of a leather bag. And these are completely unrelated to all of the other variables that are highly responsible for why so many leather bags are way over priced.

Another aspect that greatly affects the final sale price of leather bags, would be the actual location used to sell the leather bags. Consider that, when you are purchasing a leather bag or any other type of item from a physical retail store. You would also be paying for a percentage of the cost to rent this particular physical retail store, and all of the utilities that comes with it, including employee salaries.

The amount of advertising and marketing can increase or decrease the final sale price of leather bags. Are the leather bags branded or non-branded? If branded, how popular is this particular brand? How many middle-men are between you the customer and the actual producer of the leather bags? Is the leather bag second hand used or brand new? Usually, these are the culprits for the extremely over priced leather bags and massive differences in sale prices.

An important aspect of this list would be the part that talks about middle-men. Many of us may not know much about it, so allow me to elaborate some. A middle-man is a person or company who buys finished products at a very low cost from a company that produces and sells finished products.

  1. Middle-Man-1 buys 10 apples, for $10 each, from the apple producer.
  2. Middle-Man-1 Then sells his 10 apples to Middle-Man-2 at $15 for each apple.
  3. Middle-Man-2 Then sells his 10 apples to Middle-Man-3 at $20 for each apple.
  4. Middle-Man-3 Then sells his 10 apples to Middle-Man-4 at $25 for each apple.
For many this is an unknown and undetectable expense which is usually added to just about everything being sold in retails stores and online internet shops. Unless of course, you are buying from a factory or know people who make your favorite handmade goods. Sometimes there are five and even six middle men between the producer of the finished product and the end user, the customer. So as you can see there are an enormous amount of differences that greatly increase and decrease the cost of leather bags.

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