Why is Crazy Horse Leather so Durable?

Why is Crazy Horse Leather so Durable?

In today's day and age, there are a vast amount of leather types. Each of these leather types are made from a different processes and finish application. Because of the unique methods for producing each type of leather, you will find some large differences in the qualities of each leather type. Furthermore, due to the unique differences of each type of leathers, it is found that certain types of leathers are more suitably used in the making of different products and application uses. 

Crazy horse leather is one of such type of leather that possesses one of the highest levels of durability. This superior durability is a direct result of a kind of special purpose wax used to fortify the leather fibers.

As we know, wax is highly resistant to water and other liquids. So, when applied to a full grain leather that has been buffed to a smooth finish, it protects the leather fibers far better than that of any other substance used on leather today. And with the added benefit that wax is a natural substance that will not reduce the overall quality of the full grain leather, just adds to it's overall popularity.

The wax allows the crazy horse leather to withstand much of what is an issue for most other leather types. Such as liquids, foods, molds, fungus, sunlight, insects and even the leather process of some leather types. Much of these substances and the decomposing nature of them are greatly reduced when in contact with crazy horse leather. The wax creates a protective barrier that allows the crazy horse leather to sustain and remain preserved for a very long period of time.

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