We are an international retailer, wholesaler and drop-shipper of full-grain crazy horse leather bags such as briefcases, satchel bags, backpacks and wallets. We offer retailers of the international community the opportunity to re-sell our leather goods at a discounted price through our drop-shipping service.


Drop-shipping is a great way for other retailers to re-sell our leather goods on their websites without the need to make an initial investment into buying their own stock of our products.

We will provide any and all retailers interested in selling our products a unique "discount code" for 25% off all orders. Each retailer can then list our leather products onto their websites with their own mark-up and profit margins.

After they sell one of our leather products through their website, they can then proceed to our website to purchase the product with their discount code and provide us with their customers shipping address, to whom we will then ship the product to.

Read some of our informative blogs on how drop-shipping works or the pros and cons of drop-shipping to find out more about this operation.


  • All of our products are shipped from China.
  • We ship internationally with DHL and Fedex so there is a 100% delivery rate.
  • Each shipment we will provide a tracking number.
  • The estimated delivery time from our studio in China to the common international countries such as America, Canada, England, and Europe is roughly about 14 business days.
  • We don't cover import taxes on any orders. However we encourage our drop-ship retailers to have some basic knowledge of these fees for which ever countries they intend to sell our products to.
  • We will usually need 2-3 days for handling time.


There are a couple rules that we ask our partner retailers to follow. These rules protects us and allow us to maintain our unique identity in the international community.

1. Website Images and Product Listing Images:

  • We only allow our re-sellers to use our standard product images located in each of the products listings. This means, the product images found in the product descriptions that have a solid white background and/or solid brown background.
  • Any and all in-use images such as images with models or in coffee shops or at outdoor locations are not allowed to be used. We also use many of these in-use images on social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and these images are also not allowed be used.

2. Product Descriptions and Text:

  • We only allow re-sellers to use product details and product features, such as the weight, dimensions, color, leather type, and so on.
  •  The unique introduction to each product that is located in the product description is not allowed to be used. An example of a unique introduction would be: (This style leather briefcase has been designed and handmade with a special emphasis on vintage and durability. Starting with the....).
  • Blogs, news posts and website text: Blogs and news posts and any text content from the website are also strictly prohibited from being used on partner retailer websites.


For retailers interested in using our drop-shipping service, please send us a message through our contact us page. In the message section of the contact page, be sure to add the website that you intend to sell our products on. And we will get back to you as soon as possible.