Crazy Horse Leather Durable Bush Craft Thigh Holster


We’ve wanted to offer a real handmade crazy horse leather mountain man thigh holster for a long time now, and we’re proud to present our first one in a modern design. This offering has all the durability you should expect from high-quality full grain crazy horse leather. Detachable side pack, goes conveniently holstered around your hip with a fair spaced internal compartment and knife pouch. An essential part of any bush craft lifestyle. Handmade to withstand the vigorous outdoor life and time itself. 

Product Details:

  • Material: Crazy horse leather
  • Color: Brown
  • Sex: Men
  • Style of Bag: Thigh holster, waist pack, sling bag
  • Weight: 0.8kg/800 grams
  • Top side length: 10.23"/26cm
  • Top pocket length: 6.29"/16cm
  • Top pocket height: 2.36"/6cm
  • Bottom pocket length: 5.90"/15cm
  • Bottom pocket height: 7.08"/26cm
  • Bottom pocket depth: 1.77"/4.5cm
  • Small side pocket length: 3.74"/9.5cm
  • Small side pocket height: 6.49"/16.5cm
  • Waist strap dimensions: 28.34"/72cm ~ 40.55"/103cm
  • Leg strap dimensions: 16.53"/42cm ~ 28.74"/73cm


  • One external front side pocket under main compartment flap.
  • One external side pocket.
  • Three external zippered pockets.
  • One adjustable canvas waist strap.
  • One adjustable canvas leg strap.
  • Enriched with a special purpose wax for everlasting usage and die-hard qauality.
  • Made with quality easy glide & easy access metal zippers.
  • Constructed with stainless steel/brass plated hardware.
  • Durable polyester fabric interior is lining.
  • Crafted with heavy industrial thread for supreme quality and durability.

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