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Vintage Crazy Horse Leather Americano Satchel Bag

A casual and leisure time crazy horse leather americano classic satchel bag. This special leather handiwork is the perfect size for all of your minimal but primary daily essentials such as phone, wallet, tablet, keys and journal. Conveniently located external pockets for your frequent use essentials such as car keys, phone or small journal for jotting down all your intriguing thoughts and ideas. Handmade with brass and stainless steel plated hardware, industrial strength thread and special purpose waxed crazy horse leather for everlasting durability and quality. A great lifetime investment leather satchel bag for casual leisure times.

Product Details:

  • Material: Crazy horse leather
  • Color: Americano
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Style of Bag: Messenger bag, Satchel bag
  • Length: 13.38" / 34cm
  • Height: 9.44" / 24cm
  • Width: 3.74" / 9.5cm
  • Weight: 1.0kg / 1000grams


  • Two external front side pockets.
  • One external backside zippered pocket.
  • Two external side button snap pockets.
  • One adjustable leather shoulder strap with leather comfort pad.
  • One internal walled phone slot.
  • One internal walled wallet slot.
  • Two internal walled pen pencil slots.
  • One internal walled zippered pocket.
  • Fair sized internal compartment.
  • Soft hospitable interior fabric lining.
  • Enriched with a special purpose wax for everlasting usage and durability.
  • Made with quality easy glide & easy access metal zippers.
  • Professionally made with stainless steel/brass plated hardware.
  • Constructed with heavy industrial thread for superior quality and durability.

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